‘Bloom where you are Planted’ Art Exhibition: Celebrating Nature and Resilience

Paintings by the artists

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 17: thecurators.art proudly presents a curated art exhibition titled ‘Bloom where you are Planted’, featuring works of five accomplished artists hailing from different corners of India. The exhibition will be hosted at the prestigious Auditorium Hall of the Jehangir Art Gallery in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, from August 15th to August 21st, 2023.

‘Bloom where you are Planted’ is an artistic celebration of Mother Nature’s beauty and a metaphorical embodiment of the idea of flourishing despite adversity. In these uncertain times, the exhibition urges us to embrace growth and living in the present.  The artists have embarked on diverse explorations of the theme, with botany and Nature serving as the catalyst for their creative expressions.

The featured artists, Bhaskar Botcha, Nidhi Jacob, Sandeep Jigdung, Shampa Sircar Das, and Siddharth Shingade, have passionately crafted artworks for this show. Nidhi and Sandeep capture the ethereal allure of blooming flora, while Bhaskar and Siddharth draw inspiration from the culturally significant tree (Vriksh). Shampa seamlessly weaves nature’s motifs into figurative art, creating a captivating fusion of spiritual elements.

The exhibition also holds a deeper purpose — to address our responsibility towards the environment and its limited resources. Through their artworks, the artists urge viewers to envision a sustainable future, highlighting the urgent need to unite against the man-made threats looming over our natural world. ‘Bloom where you are Planted’ stands as a collective homage to India’s lush forests and its rich biodiversity.

Sapna Kar and Rajneeta Kewalramani, the Co-Founders of thecurators.art, express their excitement about the exhibition, stating, “The artworks are not only visually captivating but also transport viewers to serene woods and abundant gardens. Each piece embodies tranquillity and beauty, inviting the audience to connect with nature on a profound level. Through these artworks, we explore our intrinsic connection with nature and its spiritual significance.”

About the Artists

Nidhi Jacob: Nidhi’s artwork delves into the cyclical beauty of nature — life, death, and rebirth. Drawing from her strong connection to the earth, Nidhi’s vibrant floral paintings evoke memories of her childhood spent amidst nature’s embrace.

Shampa Sircar Das: Shampa’s art creates a meditative ambiance, reflecting her deep fascination with nature and spirituality. Infused with vibrant hues, her work draws inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage, radiating cosmic energies and symbolism.

Sandeep Jigdung: Sandeep’s canvases are windows into his experiences and nostalgia from his birthplace, Assam. His lush green landscapes pay homage to the North East’s scenic beauty, while his poetic compositions capture the essence of nature’s magnificence.

Siddharth Shingade: Siddharth’s narratives emerge from his personal experiences, depicted in earthy tones with intricate detailing. Nature takes center stage in his art, a newfound dimension to his unique expression.

Bhaskar Rao Botcha: Bhaskar’s art is an ode to nature, with a focus on trees. His creative vision breathes new life into trees through a diverse array of mediums and textures, incorporating flowers and architecture to enrich his compositions.

Representing five distinct Indian states — Maharashtra, Delhi, Assam, Karnataka, and Telangana — these artists unite their diverse perspectives under a common theme. The exhibition aligns fittingly with India’s Independence Day, echoing the sentiment from the scripture Varah Puraan, “As long as there are mountains, forests, and lakes on Earth, humans will live happily for generations.”

Exhibition Details:

Venue: Auditorium Hall, Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Dates: August 15th – August 21st, 2023

Timings: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM, open all days.

Join us in this journey of artistic exploration, resilience, and a renewed commitment to our natural world. ‘Bloom where you are Planted’ promises to be an immersive experience that will awaken your senses and inspire you to embrace nature’s boundless beauty.

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