Transforming Lives: Alyana Rehabilitation Center’s Journey of Hope and Healing

A Beacon of Compassion and Excellence in Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

New Delhi (India), August 18: In a world often marred by the shadows of addiction, one center has risen above the rest, illuminating the path to recovery and rejuvenation. Founded in 2009 by the visionary Mr. Avijit Roy, Alyana Rehabilitation Center for Male & Females is a testament to the unwavering dedication, international standards of care, and a commitment to holistic healing.

A Vision of Compassion and Change

The deep dedication to bringing about a good change in the lives of persons battling addiction is at the core of Alyana Rehabilitation Center’s goal. Mr. Avijit Roy founded the center as a shelter for people seeking a route out of the depths of drug and alcohol addiction with a tireless drive to make a difference.

Alyana’s offerings include a De-Addiction & Rehabilitation Center and a specialized Treatment Center for Drugs & Alcohol Addiction, lovingly referred to as “Nasha Mukti Kendra.”

Pioneering Excellence in Addiction Treatment

What sets Alyana apart is its relentless pursuit of excellence in every facet of addiction treatment. The center has garnered a reputation as one of India’s premier rehabilitation facilities, and for a good reason.

1. Best Rehabilitation Center: Alyana stands tall as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that recovery is not just a destination but a transformative journey. Its personalized care, innovative therapies, and unwavering support programs have made it one of the country’s best rehabilitation centres.

2. International Standard of Treatment: A commitment to international treatment standards underscores every aspect of Alyana’s operations. This dedication ensures that each individual who walks through its doors receives world-class care that addresses addiction’s physical, emotional, and psychological facets.

3. A Team of Excellence: The core of Alyana’s success lies in its remarkable team of professionals. With an experienced roster of experts, including renowned psychiatrists and psychologists, the center provides specialized and effective care tailored to each patient’s unique journey to recovery.

    Awards and Recognition

    Mr. Avijit Roy’s tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. The founder has garnered a host of prestigious awards, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to society:

    • Award from Kiran Bedi (2022): Recognized as the Top Impactful Personality of the Year.
    • Banga Gaurav Samman (2022): Honored for exceptional contributions to the community.
    • Award from Sonu Sood (Global Fame Award 2023): Acknowledged as The Best Social Worker of the Year.
    • Honorary Doctorate Award: Conferred for Mr. Roy’s significant contributions to social service.
    • Tele Cine Samman (2023): Awarded as the Best Social Worker for Addiction & Mental Health.
    • Award from Sonali Bendre (2023): Acknowledged as the Top Inspiring Personality of the Year.
    • Icon Award (2023): Recognized as the Best Social Worker Working for Drug Addiction & Mental Health.
    • National Pride Awards (2023): Honored on a national platform for outstanding contributions.
    • International Conclave & Awards (2023): Recognized for Exemplary Contribution to Human Rights Awareness.
    • Banglar Gaurav Award (2023): Celebrated for remarkable impact and dedication.

    A Holistic Approach to Healing

    Beyond the accolades and awards, Alyana Rehabilitation Center is renowned for its holistic approach to healing. The center offers comprehensive treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism, and psychological disorders. As a government-registered organization and ISO-certified center, Alyana upholds the highest standards of care.

    The center’s commitment to inclusivity is evident through its male and female units, ensuring each individual receives tailored care. With a team of skilled and experienced staff, including leading psychiatrists and psychologists from Kolkata, Alyana offers a unique blend of expertise and empathy.

    Innovative Therapies and Remarkable Recovery

    Alyana Rehabilitation Center is not just a place of treatment; it’s a place of transformation. The center’s pioneering use of Theater and Music Therapy for addiction treatment has set new standards in the field. This innovative approach, combined with the expertise of the staff, has contributed to an impressive recovery rate, rekindling hope in the hearts of individuals and families.

    “Every journey to recovery begins with compassion and support. At Alyana Rehabilitation Center, we are committed to guiding individuals towards a healthier and more fulfilling life,” says Mr. Avijit Roy, Founder of Alyana Rehabilitation Center.

    A Brighter Future Beckons

    The impact of Alyana Rehabilitation Centre is felt well outside of its boundaries. It serves as a sign of unwavering commitment, a monument to the effectiveness of compassion, and a glimmer of hope. The center’s legacy of healing and change will illuminate the way to a better future as it continues to reshape lives and rewrite narratives.

    Join us in celebrating Alyana Rehabilitation Center’s profound impact on addiction treatment and rehabilitation. Together, we are rewriting stories of hope, recovery, and resilience.

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