Tax Filling India Shines at the 50th Business Mint Nationwide Award Excellence Event

New Delhi (India), October 7: From Struggles to Success: Ch. Srinivas’ Journey as a Tax Consultant In the heart of a bustling city, amidst towering skyscrapers and ambitious dreams, Srinivas, armed with a post-graduate degree and a vision, embarked on a journey that would test his resolve and resilience. His dream was as audacious as it was noble – to establish a tax consultant company that not only assisted individuals and businesses but also served as a beacon of hope for others facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

The Early Struggles:

Fresh out of post-graduation, Srinivas faced the harsh realities of the corporate world. The job market was unforgiving, and opportunities seemed scarce. Undeterred, he refused to succumb to despair. His passion for taxation and his unyielding determination led him to conceptualize his dream venture  Taxfillingindia.

The Birth of Taxfillingindia:

With a meager amount of savings and an abundance of hope, Srinivas founded Taxfillingindia. The journey, however, was far from smooth. Limited resources meant he had to navigate challenges that tested his entrepreneurial spirit. Long hours of work, financial constraints, and the absence of a safety net became integral parts of his everyday life.

Facing Adversity with Courage:

Srinivas faced a plethora of challenges. Competing against established players in the industry, he realized that he needed more than just technical expertise. He needed a unique selling proposition that would set Taxfillingindia apart. Through continuous learning, he mastered the intricacies of tax laws and stayed updated with the ever-changing regulations, making Taxfillingindia a hub of knowledge and reliability.

Building Taxfillingindia:

Srinivas’s approach was simple yet powerful – exceptional service with a personal touch. Despite the challenges, he focused on providing tailored solutions to his clients. He built a team of dedicated professionals who shared his vision. Together, they transformed Taxfillingindia into a trustworthy partner for businesses and individuals alike, navigating the complex world of taxation.

The Turning Point:

Slowly but steadily, Srinivas began to make a mark in the industry. The quality of his services and the trust he built with clients started to pay off. Word spread, and Taxfillingindia became synonymous with reliability and integrity. Srinivas’s dedication and hard work began to bear fruit as the company started to grow, one satisfied client at a time.

A Beacon of Inspiration:

Srinivas’s journey from a struggling post-graduate to the founder of Taxfillingindia became an inspiring tale for aspiring entrepreneurs. He became a mentor, sharing his experiences and insights with others facing similar challenges. 

Introduction: Tax Filling India, a prominent player in the legal and financial services arena, recently marked a significant achievement at the 50th Business Mint Nationwide Award Excellence Event held in Hyderabad on August 27th, 2023. This gala event, attended by distinguished personalities, including R. Krishnaiah, a Member of Parliament, and Jeevanlal Lavidiya, Commissioner of Income Tax in Hyderabad, turned into a celebration of excellence in the presence of luminaries from various fields.

The Milestone: The event witnessed the grand unveiling of Tax Filling India’s new logo and the official launch of their website, These symbolic gestures represent a major milestone in the company’s journey, showcasing their unwavering commitment to lead the legal services landscape in India and provide innovative solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Comprehensive Services: Tax Filling India has solidified its position as a comprehensive one-stop solution for all legal and financial services in India. From Income Tax returns, GST registration, GST cancellation, Society Registration, GST amendment, Roc filings, Trademark Registration, FSSAI License, FSSAI License Renewal, ISO Registration, Pvt Ltd Registration, MSME Registration, IT Returns, PF Registration, ISO Certification, LLP Registration, Nidhi Company Registration, Sole Proprietorship Company, Central Food License, FSSAI Renewal, IEC Code Registration, NSIC Registration, DSC Registration, ISO Registration, GHMC Trade License, Goods Manufacturing Products, Drug License, Startup India Registration, RERA Registration, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Opposition, GST Return Filing, GST LUT Filing, GST E-Way Bill, Annual Compliance & Filing, Income Tax Audit, Ptax Registration, PTEC & PTRC Registration, ESIC Registration, PF Return Filing, Online Legal Advice, Legal Notice, Advice On Divorce, Franchise Agreement, Gift Deed, Trust Deed, Rent Deed Drafting, Partnership Deed Drafting, Sale Deed Drafting, Lease Deed Drafting, Joint Venture Deed, Food License, Food License Manufacture, Central Food License, State Food License, Central Manufacturing FSSAI License, Petent registration, Franchise Agreement in Legal Services, Goods Manufacturing Products, Drug License Registration, Startup India Registration, Central Labour License, Factory License Registration, Metrology Act Registration, Wake & Measurement Registration, Good Electro manufacturing Registration, Rera Registration, NSIC Regitration, Accounting Services, Esi monthly returns, PF Montly Returns, Brand Registration, Logo Registration, LLP Registration, One person company registration, Company Registration, Labour License, NGO Registration, Partnership Registration, Appointment Of Director, MOA Amendment Of PVT. LTD, MOA Amendment Of Public Limited, MOA Amendment Of Section 8, Section 8 Company Registration, Central Labour License, Factory License, Metrology Act Registration, Copyright Registration, Trademark Renewal, Trademark Objection, Trademark Opposition, Annual Compliance & Filing, Tax Planning & Consultancy, Income Tax Audit, Online Accountant, Online Bookkeeping &  Patent services, they offer a diverse array of services. This extensive range positions them as the go-to destination for businesses navigating the complexities of the Indian legal system.

Locations: Hyderabad, Kukatpally, Kondapur, Madhapur, Nanakramguda, Nizamabad, Bangalore. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs: A standout feature of Tax Filling India’s offerings is their unique free franchise opportunity, inviting entrepreneurs from across India to join their network. This initiative empowers individuals and communities by offering valuable legal services. The franchise program includes rigorous training, placement opportunities, and dedicated support in various financial and legal domains.

Expert Team and Recognition: Tax Filling India boasts a team of 300 Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries operating from seven branches nationwide. Their mission is crystal clear: to be the ultimate one-stop solution for all legal services in India. Currently, they stand as the third-largest legal and financial company secretary service provider in the country, a recognition of their expertise and dedication.

Global Expansion Plans: Looking ahead, Tax Filling India has set its sights on international expansion, aiming to enter markets in America, Dubai, Singapore, the UK, and beyond. This ambitious move underscores their commitment to providing unmatched legal and financial services globally, further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

Conclusion: Tax Filling India’s recent logo and website launch at the 50th Business Mint Nationwide Award Excellence Event signify a remarkable leap forward in their journey toward global recognition. Their innovative approach, comprehensive services, and the empowering franchise offer reflect their dedication to serving businesses and entrepreneurs not just in India but on the international stage. The event’s prestigious Chief Guests only added to the grandeur of their achievements, marking this occasion as a defining moment in the company’s history.

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Srinivas Challuri, CEO, Taxfillingindia

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