The First Official Dutch Language Textbook Launched at the Dutch Consulate, Mumbai

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 9: Author, linguist, trainer and entrepreneur Richa Gujarathi demonstrates her book titled ‘Nederlands Voor Kinderen: A Guide by The Dutch Door® to Learn Basic Dutch’, which is an exceptional method for learning basic Dutch. The launch of this book was facilitated by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mumbai. The Author, Mrs Richa Gujarathi, the Honourable Consul General, Mr Bart de Jong and Deputy Consul General, Mr Thierry van Helden, along with the publisher StoryMirror unveiled this remarkable guide to everyone at the release event. Mr Bart de Jong further highlighted that this was the FIRST book launch that took place at the Consulate, which speaks volumes about how important the book is in giving Dutch studies more momentum in India.

It’s true that a diversity in languages creates a barrier among people, but now you get to see how an individual breaks through it and establishes a new way to connect with others. The recently launched book has been making quite a buzz for its creation and the way it benefits everyone who wants to learn Dutch. 

Mrs Richa Gujarathi is the first Indian to write the first official Dutch learning textbook that depicts simple methods to acquire the knowledge of the language. Her book is not only comprehensible for children, but it also aids grown-ups to pick up elementary Dutch words and expressions in a short span of time. The book is available for sale on various online shopping platforms and is published by and available at the StoryMirror website.

StoryMirror, the prestigious platform of penmanship, has been making a lot of people happy as they support the journey of the first ever Dutch textbook written by an Indian. Hitesh Jain, the COO of StoryMirror, expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “This is indeed a proud moment for us as publishers. ‘Nederlands Voor Kinderen’ represents a remarkable step in our commitment to making language education more accessible and diverse. We are excited to offer Indian learners the opportunity to embark on a journey of learning Dutch. The world is becoming more interconnected, and StoryMirror is playing a vital role in fostering this global exchange of knowledge and culture.”

The Dutch Door®, a renowned institute for teaching Dutch to professionals and students, founded by Richa Gujarathi and her 10 years’ experience in teaching the language has played a vital role in producing such a remarkable read. The linguist who began her career as a German translator followed her passion for learning languages and soon it gave shape to The Dutch Door®.

‘Nederlands Voor Kinderen’ is a captivating guide that helps people get a strong grip on Dutch, surpassing the old-school system of learning. There is more to this textbook than meets the eye. There are words, illustrations, conversations, grammar topics, thorough exercises and other titbits that make the reader learn the language in depth. 

Now you know why StoryMirror’s most recent and celebrated book is grabbing people’s attention already with its fun facts, finesse and informative traits.

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