Grisu Media Arts Partners with Gora Foundation to Drive Organ Donation Awareness on National Organ Donation Day; Says Social Activist Sunil Sihaag

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 28: Mumbai-based media powerhouse, Grisu Media Arts, has joined forces with the Gora Foundation Sri Ganganagar to champion the cause of organ donation on National Organ Donation Day. In a groundbreaking collaboration, Grisu Media Arts has released a compelling YouTube video series ( ) dedicated to spreading awareness and fostering a culture of organ donation.

Grisu Media Arts aims to leverage its creative prowess to shed light on the importance of organ donation, emphasising the critical role individuals can play in saving lives. The YouTube video series, crafted with innovation and empathy, endeavours to ignite conversations and inspire action on this vital subject.

Grisu Media Arts is passionate about utilising its media influence to contribute to societal well-being. This collaboration aligns with their commitment to using the power of storytelling and visual communication for impactful social change.

The release of the video series coincides with National Organ Donation Day, underscoring the significance of the occasion and the urgency of raising awareness about the pressing need for organ donations in India.

Grisu Media Arts and Gora Foundation are optimistic about the impact of this collaboration, anticipating increased awareness, understanding, and participation in organ donation initiatives across the nation.

Gora Foundation Trust Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan, spearheading organ donation awareness since Aug 2017 under the aegis of NOTTO, has been making remarkable strides in the field. Founded by ex-Air Force soldier Sunil Sihaag in loving memory of his late grandfather, the foundation conducts awareness talks in schools, colleges, and villages. Gora Foundation Trust Rajasthan has been at the forefront of destigmatizing organ donation through initiatives like an extensive survey, aimed at dispelling taboos surrounding this life-saving act. 

Sunil Sihaag, the visionary founder of Gora Foundation Trust Rajasthan, shares, “Organ donation is not just a medical procedure; it’s a gift of life. Through collective efforts and awareness initiatives, we aim to build a society where organ donation is a celebrated act of compassion. Together, we can make a difference.”

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