Renowned Manifestation Expert Shilpa Arora Sharma Empowers over 5000 Attendees to Manifest their Success at Asort Group’s Grand Event

Noida (India), December 25: In an electrifying display of inspiration, Shilpa Arora Sharma (SAS), a distinguished manifestation and motivational speaker, took center stage at the Asort Group’s grand event held at the Noida Indoor Stadium. The event, attended by 5000 members of the Asort Family, witnessed an unforgettable manifestation session that left attendees motivated and transformed.

Asort Group, a leading name in the fashion industry, orchestrated an evening that seamlessly blended style with substance. SAS was invited to share her expertise and guide the audience through a transformative journey, unveiling the power of manifestation and the secrets to success.

Manifestation is an emerging technique and need of the hour, the coach such as SAS, is emerging as a thought leader in the field of expeditious personal development and growth. With a proven track record of inspiring individuals to reach their full potential, Shilpa brings the soul to the team building, motivation and inspiration needed at the corporate events, conferences, and seminars.

Key Highlights of the aforesaid Manifestation Session

1. Frequency Changing Everyday Affirmations: Shilpa presented seven powerful everyday affirmations designed to empower individuals and cultivate a positive mindset, setting the tone for success in both personal and professional life.

2. Manifestation Meditation: A highlight of the session was a guided manifestation meditation, leading over 5000 individuals through a collective and harmonious meditation experience. The atmosphere was charged with positive energy as attendees embraced the transformative power of mindfulness.

3. Revelation of Secrets: Shilpa shared insights and secrets on various topics crucial for success, including Target setting, Sales strategies, Competition management, Karmic Farming, and Daily Manifestation Rituals. Attendees were captivated as they absorbed valuable lessons that could be applied to enhance their professional and personal lives. The Asort Group felt happy that the session motivated and boosted the growth Targets to Double.

4. World-Record Contender: The audience’s enthusiastic response prompted discussions about the potential for setting a world record. Attendees expressed their belief that the collective meditation experience could have qualified for the Guinness World Records, showcasing the extraordinary impact of Shilpa’s session.

Mr Ambrish Ranjan, Executive Director at Asort Group responded to her Post about the event as “SAS Thank you for such an insightful and deep session on manifestation techniques. It was indeed a pleasure having you at the event.” 

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