In race for Republican presidential candidate, Dr. David Stuckenberg “a National Treasure” believes US and India face similar challenges

New Delhi (India), December 29: Dr. David Stuckenberg, recognised and known as an entrepreneur, strategist and global influencer has entered the much talked about race for Presidential candidate by announcing his candidature from Republican Party. Stuckenberg is considered as authority when one talks about collaboration of technology, innovation, and strategy in the avant-garde set-up. He ruminates that there are various policy concerns between both the Nations and they are the foremost reason why India and the US will go farther together in uplifting humanity by prioritizing friendship between both the Nations.  Pointing out some parallels with India, he reflects that, India faces related challenges like what the United States is facing currently such as volatile economy, national security, and border crisis. It seems rather promising that Stuckenberg shall be able to curb illegal immigration if comes in power and he vehemently believes that he may be able to push period of US citizenship from 12 year to just one (1) year for thousands of Indians seeking US citizenship. 

Out of many leading start-ups he has also co-founded a leading US sustainable water technology start-up Genesis Systems which has top-notch entrepreneurs of Indian Origin in the United States fully and whole heartedly attached to the cause. With a family of 8 including his wife and himself, Dr Stuckenberg is proud father of five children and his wife Shannon Stuckenberg is CEO and Co-founder of Genesis Systems. Dr.Stuckenberg is a COO and Co-Founder of Genesis Systems, his candidature as President of USA is also of significant importance for India for yet another reason that his involvement with the start-up which has a social cause has roots attached to India’s heart and core issues pertaining to water crisis. 

Paresh Ghelani and Jay Patel, both Indian American entrepreneur and philanthropist who are associated with Genesis Systems have deep relation with the start-up. Ghelani enumerates that, “My partnership with Genesis is personal because as a child growing up without safe water in India, I know the importance of clean water.” Jay Patel, who believes in conviction of Stuckenberg, says that “Dr Stuckenberg is young and is open to new thinking and knows why the growth of the Indian economy is important for both Indian and American market.” Hype about the Genesis Systems is real as it is the creator and manufacturer of the world’s first and only sustainable air to water systems. Its innovative one-of-a-kind water generator makes 1,000-2,000 gallons a day from air using nano-liquids using what it calls WaterCube systems are the most efficient freshwater production systems on earth that scale-up. Alongside Genesis, one of Jay Patel’s passion projects, as a philanthropist, along with Paresh Ghelani is XPRIZE foundation, which is a leading platform in the world for solving global challenges, including global water crisis. Other notable leaders in XPRIZE include Ratan Tata (Tata Group), Larry Page (Google), Peter Diamandis (X-Prize), James Cameron (Director – “Avatar”) Robert Weiss, Anoushesh Ansari (Prodea Systems) and Naveen Jain (Moon Express & Viome). The XPRIZE Foundation seeks to solve India’s greatest challenges in areas like health, sanitation, women’s safety, access to clean water, waste management, etc. it is believed by Philanthropist Jay Patel that Dr Stuckenberg’s involvement will turn out to be of foremost help to India. 

“Young Disruptor”, “the George Kennan of this century” and “a National Treasure” are few popular names given to Dr. Stuckenberg by NATO, Senior military leaders and Director of Central Intelligence.  Dr Stuckenberg earned a PhD in International affairs and strategy from King’s College London, as a former special operations pilot, one who is a decorated military aviator with more than 150 combat missions. He frequently lectures nationally and internationally at institutions like NATO, King’s College and Chatham House on innovation and technology at nexus of strategy. His defence research and strategies have informed and shaped all levels of government (including U.S. Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and The White House). Where these strategies and programs concern infrastructure, they are the exemplar for US states and cities, including the nation’s largest federal complex, Joint Base San Antonio.

Dr Stuckenberg believes in the African proverb, “If you want to go fast go alone; If you want to go farther-go together”, he says, in an unpublished article. He has authored on the importance he gives to India that “India is a nation abundant in culture, resources, and human talent throughout the ages, these have shaped and influenced the world order and allowed India to prosper and grow.”

According to him, “As one of the world’s largest and most influential democratic republics, India has earned a place of international respect and stature and by virtue of this prestigious standing has become a guardian of freedom and human life at home and around the globe.” 

He believes, “Where cooperation is concerned between India and the United States, there is rich goodwill and opportunity to continue building a relationship that continues to uplift our societies. While neither of our nations is perfect, we can mutually aspire to increase productivity, health, quality of life, income, and many other noble outcomes that enhance life, freedom, and happiness for our citizens.” He also adds that India can meet many of America’s emerging needs to the wider benefit of both nations.

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