The Exploring Minds has announced the launch of the “TEM RATNA AWARD”

Bhubaneswar (India), January 8: The Exploring Minds, in collaboration with The World Of My Thoughts and The Penning Horizon, is proud to announce the recipients of the prestigious “TEM RATNA AWARD” This prestigious award, supported by more than 50 prestigious media houses, recognises 22 outstanding individuals from all walks of life.

The “TEM RATNA AWARD” aims to honour those who have fearlessly initiated positive change and have empowered others to create a better world through their remarkable work and dedication. These esteemed award recipients have been chosen for their trailblazing efforts that have inspired countless others to think beyond boundaries and bring about transformative change. They have not only excelled in their fields but also had fought with every obstacle that came their way, vanishing the next moment, scaring and thanks to their courage!

The following exceptional personalities have been felicitated with the “TEM RATNA AWARD”:

  1. Devyani: Devyani, a resident of Barolichhar Nadbai, Bharatpur, achieved top honour in an international poetry competition on August 15, 2023. An Astrobiology Enthusiast, she earned the 2023 Empowering Change Maker Award. She is currently immersed in learning about the possibilities of life outside the Earth through the ‘Imaging Other Earths’ course at Princeton University.
  1. Shambhavi Maheshwari: Shambhavi, an aspiring Microbiologist and passionate writer from Gurugram, India, achieved a milestone with her debut poetry book, “Kaleidoscope Of Life,” on July 11, 2023. Her work beautifully merges the worlds of science and literature, captivating readers worldwide. Contact:
  1. Mrs. Teena Oberoi: Founded in 2021 by Mrs. Teena Oberoi, Hunger Bunger, a QSR franchise chain, is renowned for its affordable quick bites catering to consumers and delivering the quickest return on investment for franchisees. Contact at
  1. Nilakshi Garg: Renowned Indian author Nilakshi Garg, distinguished for her literary prowess, is a prolific novelist, accomplished blogger, screenplay writer, and dynamic content marketer. With two published novels and a remarkable portfolio of 13+ short films, Garg exemplifies excellence across diverse creative realms.
  1. Deesa Kumar: Born on Feb 15, 2001, in Nilgiris, Deesa, has emerged as a poetic force. Currently pursuing an M.A. in English Literature at Kay Pee Yes College, Kotagiri, Deesa has authored two books, ‘Imperfect Slides’ and ‘Colorful Moments,’ and contributed to over 15 collaborative works.
  1. Priyanka Bhandarkar: Priyanka is a postgraduate in English literature from Karnataka Open University. Co-author of 150+ books and author of 8 solo works, she wants to be a Guinness Book of World Record holder. With diplomas in Creative Writing in English, and Food & Nutrition from IGNOU, she embodies the spirit of Thomas Alva Edison.
  1. Ms. Zeenat Barkatali Merchant: Zeenat, HOD of English at Poona College, Pune, is an accomplished academic leader. A Gold medalist in M.A. in English, from the University of Pune, she holds international accolades, including the MTC Global Award for Excellence. Her extensive achievements span education, awards, and community services.
  1. Sunayana Kayastha: Sunayana, aka Jasmine of December, a prolific writer, has earned 200+ certificates and 26+ prestigious awards, including the Eagle Network Award and Bharatiya National Award. Recognised for inspiring India, she recently excelled in The Poet Idol and received honours at The Face Volume 3 pageant show.
  1. Rita Punit Upadhyay: Rita, a multifaceted individual, adeptly balances roles as a homemaker, tutor, and poet. Her diverse talents and commitment to nurturing both home and intellect exemplify her dedication to creating a harmonious and enriched lifestyle.
  1. Jahnavi Gadepalli: Jahnavi Gadepalli, an MCA graduate from Hyderabad, emerged as a top poet, ranking 14th in Knight Writers’ open mic and 7th in Global Circle and Publishers’ international competition. Recognised in S7 India’s national poetry contest, she co-authored impactful books like “Soulful Stimulations” and “Circle of Emotions” in 2023.
  1. Riddhima Sen: Riddhima Sen, a student of Comparative Literature, distinguishes herself as an accomplished author, host, and workshop facilitator. Her pursuits in academia and the literary arts showcase a commitment to intellectual exploration and creative engagement.
  1. Gangadhar Paramanik: In the guise of a new poet, Gangadhar Paramanik hails from a humble family. His home is situated in the Rani Raed Debi Mela area of Purulia district, within the confines of the state of West Bengal. Alongside his service in the West Bengal Police, he dedicates his spare time to crafting poetry in Bengali. Moreover, he is attempting to write compositions in Hindi as well. Many of his poems have found a place in various newspapers and anthologies.His self-composed books, namely “Swapna Sathi” and “Kathgolap,” have been recently published. A humble request is extended to all readers to kindly explore and delve into his literary works.
  1. Pranshul Sethi: Pranshul Sethi, a distinguished neuropharmacologist, has made groundbreaking contributions to the field. His research on neurotransmitter systems has revolutionised our understanding of brain function and paved the way for innovative treatments of neurological disorders.
  1. Prasad Babu Galla: Prasad Babu Galla, the enigmatic wordsmith behind the gripping “HE WAS MURDERED” trilogy and the chilling “TEN LITTLE DEAD BODIES” in the Alex Brown Series. Crafting suspenseful tales and insightful articles for Medium and BizCatalyst 360.
  1. Srishti Garg: Srishti, an esteemed educator in Kanpur, seamlessly combines her role as a dedicated teacher with her passion for writing. Her commitment to education and literary pursuits exemplifies a harmonious blend of pedagogy and creative expression.
  1. Annpurna P. Bhandage: Annpurna, a 46-year-old social worker, serves as the Vice President of SSK Keshwapur Mahila Mandal. Proficient in Hindi and Kannada, she excels in poetry, drama, and songwriting. An accomplished artist in mehndi, rangoli, and hand embroidery, she also conducts Kannada classes at her residence.
  1. Piyush Goel: Piyush, a Mechanical Engineer, excels as a Motivational Speaker, Cartoonist, and Mirror Image Writer. Author of 17 groundbreaking books using tools like pen, needle, and mehndi cone, he’s published mathematics papers internationally. Notably, he’s the writer of the world’s first handwritten needle book.
  1. K S Ramakrishnan: Mr. K.S. Ramakrishnan, a seasoned professional and dedicated marketing expert, fluently communicates in Tamil, English, and Hindi. His ardent passion lies in writing. He is committed to excelling in both his profession and creative pursuits.
  1. Dr Tanaya Ghose Dastidar: Dr. Tanaya Ghose Dastidar, with a wealth of 14+ years in publishing, is a prolific author specialising in school curriculum, child pedagogy, and leisure books. Her notable contributions extend to co-authoring anthologies, showcasing expertise in diverse literary realms.
  1. Laxminarayan Pattnaik: Laxminarayan, a 19-year-old from Cuttack, Odisha, is a B.Tech CSIT student at ITER, SOA University, Bhubaneswar. His versatile writing journey began at 15, and he’s since authored acclaimed anthologies such as “The Hidden Wish,” “Army Day,” “Love in Winters,” and “Small Steps to Success.”
  1. Jeegar Gorasia: Jeegar Gorasia, co-founder of THE EVENTELLA, is a visionary Event Planner, turning dreams into reality. Recognised with prestigious awards like Best Event Planner 2023 by India WomenEra and Dynamic Event Planner & Designer of the Year 2023 by Diva Panet, he excels in creating unforgettable experiences. Stree Excellence Award also applauds his achievements.
  1. V N V Padmavathi: Mrs. V. N. V. Padmavati is a poet, writer, and literary figure. Additionally, she is a social worker, having received accolades such as the Outstanding Teacher Award.

The media rights for this prestigious award are reserved by Archishman Satpathy, former CEO of The Exploring Minds.

The “TEM RATNA AWARD” stands as a testament to the outstanding achievements of these 22 awardees, who have made an indelible mark in their respective domains, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps and contribute to a better world.

Congratulations to all the recipients of this most prestigious award and honour by The Exploring Minds!

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