Aman Shekhar: A Journey Through Bytes, Boards, and Books

New Delhi (India), January 25: Aman Shekhar is a Mobile App Developer, Chess Player, and Aspiring Author. In the tech world, he contributes to mobile app evolution, embracing innovation and problem-solving. On the chessboard, he navigate challenges and relish the pursuit of improvement. According to him, writing is not just a hobby but a lifelong dream, a creative outlet to inspire and connect with readers. Beyond work and writing, Aman explores the realm of knowledge through reading and indulge in travel for diverse experiences. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and ambition.

About the Book

 In the tranquil town of Meerut, on his twenty-first birthday, young Manas unearthed the weight of his extraordinary lineage within the hidden chamber of his ancestral home. The family’s extensive library chronicled a legacy intertwined with Indian history, dating back to the Mahabharata. Designated as the protector of a concealed secret, Manas faced nefarious forces aiming to wield its ancient power. Embracing his responsibility, he embarked on a perilous journey into history’s heart. Cloaked in shadows, malicious individuals sought the Mahabharata’s power. Manas, understanding the echoes of the past, ventured forth, entrusted with the guardianship of a concealed truth shaping history’s balance.

Amazon link to the book: Manas’s Destiny: Tracing the Somras Trail 

Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

1. While juggling the demands of a software engineering career, how did you effectively carve out time for both playing chess and writing your book? Did you establish a specific routine to strike a balance between these two significant aspects of your life?

Currently, with the flexibility of remote work, I find ample time to jot down my ideas and pursue my writing. Balancing various aspects of life isn’t challenging when you approach it with dedication. Last year, I made a commitment to read one book per week, and it turned out to be a fulfilling endeavor. By incorporating a simple daily habit of reading 30-40 pages, I managed to complete 50 books in the year. The key was prioritizing reading over scrolling through my phone upon waking up. Similarly, when I set the theme for my book, I dedicated 30-60 minutes each day to write and develop my story. It’s a testament to the idea that everyone has the same 24 hours; it’s about how you choose to utilize them. With purposeful dedication and time management, it’s possible to pursue both professional responsibilities and personal passions effectively. In addition to my writing endeavors, I make it a daily routine to engage in chess games, investing time in consistent practice. Chess, being my first love, holds a special place in my heart. I aspire to take my passion to new heights, with the ultimate goal of acquiring a FIDE rating in chess.

2. Given that this is your debut book, can your audience anticipate more works from you in the future? And if so, what genre do you envision focusing on in your upcoming projects?

Absolutely, this book marks the beginning of a trilogy. I’ve already developed the theme for the next installment, and my current focus involves conducting research and crafting the narrative. I allocate time each day for research and jot down key points for the upcoming book. My goal is to have it completed by this December. While mythological fiction remains a favorite genre of mine with its vast exploratory potential, I’m excited about diversifying. After concluding this trilogy, my next venture will delve into the realm of romantic scientific fiction. I’m hopeful that everything unfolds according to plan as I embark on this new creative journey

3. What inspired you to write this book?

In the year 2023, I immersed myself in the pages of 50 captivating books within these realms. My preferred genre is mythological fiction, closely followed by history. As an avid reader and enthusiast of literature, I find myself actively engaging with the narratives, often envisioning alternate scenes that could elevate the overall experience of the book. During my exploration of numerous mythological fiction works, a recurring theme captured my imagination. This theme served as the catalyst for my creative journey, inspiring me to craft a story around it. Over the course of 2-3 months, I dedicated myself to the process of creating and refining this narrative, allowing it to evolve organically until its completion. Additionally, my passion for writing is fueled by the desire to share my creative thoughts with a wider audience. Completing my mythological fiction story is not only a personal achievement but a step towards realizing my dream of connecting with others through the written word.

4. Why did you choose to write mythological fiction? What about mythology captures your imagination and influences the way you tell stories?” 

The allure of Hindu scriptures, such as the Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharata, and Puranas, has captivated me deeply. Exploring the narratives from that era, envisioning how individuals wielded their extraordinary powers, is a source of endless fascination. One particular aspect that resonates with me is the captivating tale of the seven immortals. The mere thought of encountering these timeless beings sparks a cascade of questions in my mind. Imagine the profound experience of meeting them, engaging in conversations, and delving into the secrets of their immortal existence. What questions would one pose to beings who have witnessed epochs unfold? How would they react to inquiries about the ancient times they have traversed? In my contemplations, I often find myself immersed in scenes where I stand face-to-face with these immortals, eagerly absorbing the stories and wisdom from their bygone era. It’s a unique exploration of our mythology’s vast knowledge, a journey that extends beyond the written words of scriptures.

Consider the prospect of learning the Vedas directly from these immortal beings — an experience that goes beyond the pages of ancient texts. It’s this fascination with the untapped reservoir of knowledge within our mythology that motivates me to write in the genre of mythological fiction. Through my storytelling, I hope to bring to life the enchanting encounters, the profound dialogues, and the timeless wisdom that our rich mythological heritage holds.

5. Do you sense competition in the current landscape filled with numerous authors? Additionally, what advice would you share with aspiring writers who are just starting their journey?

I didn’t write my book with the intention of establishing a new income source or seeking personal popularity. My primary goal was to ensure that my story reached a wide audience. I believe that if it resonates with many readers, popularity will naturally follow. This perspective eliminates any sense of competition with fellow authors. For those aspiring authors who harbor ideas but are unsure how to initiate their writing journey, my advice is simple: Just start. The act of beginning is pivotal; it propels you into the process, and as you navigate through it, you discover how to proceed. Craft a narrative around your ideas, drawing inspiration from your own memories and experiences. In my case, the initial draft of my story was a modest 65 pages. To refine and expand it, I immersed myself in the narrative, repeatedly reading and re-reading. This iterative process allowed me to identify gaps and enhance the storyline. The result? My story now spans over 200 pages, enriched by layers of detail and depth. Once you’ve completed your story, don’t hesitate to seek feedback. I shared my work with friends, welcoming their perspectives and suggestions. External insights can be invaluable in refining your narrative.

Lastly, my message to aspiring authors is to cast aside concerns about competition. Instead, focus on the joy of writing and the fulfillment of sharing your unique story with the world. Embrace the process, learn from it, and celebrate the accomplishment of bringing your words to an audience.

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