Indian Filmmaker Shihan Shoukath Wins Best Original Story Award at Cannes World Film Festival for ‘Deadline’

New Delhi (India), August 24: The victory echoes through the corridors of global cinema, cementing the film’s status as a masterpiece fueled by a profound narrative that lingers in the soul. Radiating on the red carpet alongside international icons, Shihan Shoukath made his mark as the creative force behind ‘Deadline’, a film that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

“The Cannes World Film Festival is an unparalleled platform that brings together the finest talent from around the world. To be part of an event that has honored legendary actors and filmmakers is truly humbling,” shared Shihan Shoukath. “Walking the red carpet and receiving the Best Original Story award for ‘Deadline’ was an unforgettable experience. It showcases the immense potential of Indian cinema and the remarkable stories we have to share with the world.”

Beyond the festival stage, “Deadline” transcends borders, poised to grace India’s premier streaming platform, Jio Cinema. The film’s journey traverses continents, evoking sentiment among diverse audiences. Its universal themes, raw emotions, and gripping storytelling promise an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Shihan Shoukath, the creative force behind “Deadline,” expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am thrilled that ‘Deadline’ will be available to audiences across South Asia through leading streaming platforms. This will enable us to connect with a diverse range of viewers and share our unique stories on a global scale. The overwhelming success of ‘Deadline’ has propelled us towards new horizons, and I am excited to embark on this journey of collaboration and growth.”

An avalanche of accolades follows, with “Deadline” securing victories at major festivals such as the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival, Jaipur Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, and over 30 more esteemed events.

Enter Ishan Shoukath, the enigmatic sibling and debut lead actor, whose brilliance on screen adds yet another layer to this fascinating tale. The spotlight on Ishan is well-deserved, having earned numerous awards for Best Actor at festivals worldwide, including New York, Dubai, and Jaipur. It’s a testament to the film’s exceptional casting and the mesmerizing performances that elevate it to a realm of its own.

‘Deadline’ is merely the opening chapter of a grander narrative as the team ventures into uncharted territories. Reel World Entertainment, the brainchild of the success of ‘Deadline’, and in partnership with the world-renowned Transworld Group, is set to establish a new era in Indian cinema, with production houses in Kerala and Mumbai. The banner’s maiden endeavor is the release of a Malayalam film in 2024, heralding a new era in Malayalam cinema. This expansion aims to bring compelling feature films to India and nurture a diverse range of talented filmmakers. Reel World Entertainment is committed to nurturing and supporting young visionary talents across the country.

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