Unlocking HR Automation: Insights from HROne & People Matters

New Delhi (India), September 14: In today’s fast-paced world, the HR landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, largely driven by automation. To get a real-world understanding of this shift, we conducted a survey, “Future Decoded: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities in HR Automation” in Collaboration with People Matters that reached out to CHROs across diverse industries and organizations. 

Here, we distill the essence of their experiences and insights.

Why the Survey Study

The HR Evolution: The HR domain is evolving at breakneck speed, primarily due to technological advances. Our HROne People Matters survey aimed to uncover the reasons that motivated organizations to adopt HR automation tools.

The Quest for Efficiency: Our findings indicate that over 80% of HR processes are now automated. This surge is driven by the desire for greater efficiency in managing HR functions.

Putting Employees First: Automation has simplified processes like attendance tracking, making life easier for employees. It’s all about creating a better experience for them.

Insights from CHROs

  • Long-term ROI: CHROs acknowledge that HR tech investments require patience. The return on investment is a marathon, not a sprint. They focus on indicators like process efficiency improvements and reduced manual workforces.
  • Industry Diversity: CHROs highlighted that HR automation isn’t limited to specific industries. It spans sectors, from IT & ITeS to manufacturing, reflecting its versatility.
  • Efficiency Reigns: Over 90% of surveyed CHROs reported significant efficiency gains through HRMS automation. It’s no longer an option but a competitive edge.
  • Employee Engagement Soars: HR automation enhances employee engagement, with 85% of respondents reporting an improvement in their workforce’s overall satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: HR tech empowers data-driven decision-making, with 75% of CHROs citing improved access to insights for strategic HR planning.

Key Takeaways from the Survey

Customization and Efficiency: Automation platforms like HROne are celebrated for their adaptability to organizational needs and their ability to enhance data-driven decision-making.

Employee Engagement and Recognition: HR automation tools make recognizing employee contributions easier and enhance engagement through streamlined processes and real-time feedback mechanisms.

Future-proofing HR: CHROs see continued integration of HR automation systems, offering predictive insights and centralization of HR functions as essential in navigating an ever-evolving talent landscape.

Expert Voices: In their own words

  • Empowering Efficiency and Connectivity at Uplers: 

Paritosh Vaishnav, Associate Director of People & Culture at Uplers, shares their journey from manual to 90% automated HR processes. Automation not only improved efficiency but also brought remote teams closer.

  • Streamlining HR Processes at Annapurna Microfinance: 

Preetam Debasish, AVP at Annapurna Microfinance, highlights the benefits of automating critical functions like recruitment, payroll, and performance management. It’s made HR more efficient and employees more engaged.

  • Better Access and Improved Engagement at Vindhya Telelinks: 

Vinod Sharma, Head HR at Vindhya Telelinks, reveals how real-time data and authentication across project sites improved operational efficiency and engagement.

  • HR Tech’s Pivotal Role at MMS Holdings: 

Nandini Vijaisimha, Director HR & Admin at MMS Holdings, emphasizes the importance of HR automation in managing complex HR functions and improving the employee experience.

  • Enhancing Efficiency and Empowering Rural Workforce at NOCPL: 

Meenakshi Rao, Head HR at NOCPL, discusses how automation simplified payroll and attendance for a predominantly rural workforce and accelerated recruitment.

The “Future Decoded” study isn’t just a report; it’s a call to action for CHROs across industries. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey that transforms the way HR functions are executed, fosters unmatched employee experiences, and aligns strategies with future needs.

The insights from CHROs reveal the pivotal role of HR automation in reshaping HR. As organizations continue to invest in tech-driven solutions, the focus on efficiency, employee experience, and long-term returns will drive HR’s future. 

The automation journey is ongoing, but its transformative impact is undeniable.

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