Victora Lifts: A Decade of Elevating Excellence in the Infratravel Industry

New Delhi (India), October 11: When it comes to elevators, escalators, and travelators in India, one name stands tall – Victora Lifts. With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we have successfully completed a remarkable decade in the Infratravel industry.

The Victora Group has a history of being an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for some of the world’s biggest elevator giants. Building upon this foundation, we ventured into creating our own brand of infratravel solutions.

Since our inception in 2013, Victora Lifts has consistently strived for excellence in the Infratravel industry. We are proud to have emerged as one of the leading elevator manufacturing companies in India. Our journey has been marked by innovation, safety, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, setting benchmarks in a row.

We began our journey with a commitment to quality that remains unwavering today. Over the past ten years, we have honed our craftsmanship, setting industry standards for elevator and escalator manufacturing. Our ISO certification stands as a testament to our dedication to quality assurance. This is evident in our product offerings, which consume less energy and produce a smaller carbon footprint.

Victora Lifts is a leading elevator company backed by the Victora Group, which boasts an impressive 50-year legacy in manufacturing. This heritage underlines our commitment to quality and innovation.

Custom Solutions

Providing customized elevator solutions is one of our greatest strengths. Our expert team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and preferences. Whether it’s a distinctive design, specific safety features, or space constraints, we go the extra mile to deliver elevators that meet expectations.

Over the years, we have invested significantly in research and development to create elevators and escalators that adhere to the highest safety standards. Through our constant pursuit of safety innovations, we continue to be a trusted choice for architects, builders, and property owners across India.

Nationwide Reach

In a decade, we have expanded our presence across India. We have built a solid client base, and now serve major cities and regions.  Currently, we are operating in two key regions: the North and the West. From residential lifts to commercial elevators, and from hospital elevators to industrial lifts, Victora offers a comprehensive range to cater to all Infratravel needs.

In the near future, we are all set to enter Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad and West Bengal with Kolkata. Additionally, we have our sights set on Madhya Pradesh. These expansions will cement our presence in even more regions across India.

Elevators are not just means of transportation; they are architectural elements that enhance the appeal of any building. Innovative elevator designs that combine functionality and aesthetics are our pride. Whether it is a sleek and modern design for commercial spaces or a classic and elegant look for residential buildings, we have it all.

Our journey would have been incomplete without our valued customers. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing exceptional after-sales service and maintenance. Keeping our elevators running flawlessly for years is our top priority.

Awards and Recognitions

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, we are proud to have integrated sustainable practices into our operations. Our elevators are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing both operating costs and environmental impact. We are committed to promoting eco-friendly solutions in the Infratravel industry.

Our dedication to excellence has helped us win numerous awards and recognitions in elevator manufacturing and installation. These accolades testify to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we aim to make vertical transportation accessible to all, contributing to social inclusivity.

Road Ahead

Our commitment to innovation, safety, and sustainability will continue to drive us forward. We are poised to embrace the latest technologies and challenges as we work towards redefining the future of elevators, escalators, and traveletors in India.

Victora Lifts’ 10-year journey in the Infratravel industry has been marked by remarkable achievements, innovations, and a relentless commitment to excellence. We are deeply grateful to our customers, partners, and employees who have been integral to our success. With a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability, we are confident that the next decade will bring even greater heights of achievement.

Join us in celebrating a decade of success in the Infratravel industry. 

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