Jehangir Hospital’s Respiratory Excellence: Pioneering Advances in Pulmonary Care

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], December 30: Respiratory illnesses constitute a significant threat to health, affecting individuals across all age groups and standing as common causes of morbidity and mortality. The intricate nature of these disorders necessitates specialised training for healthcare professionals, particularly in the management of respiratory infections, asthma, and chronic respiratory conditions. Over recent decades, advancements in medical care, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, and improved therapeutic interventions have not only increased survival rates but have also heightened the prevalence of chronic respiratory problems, underscoring the demand for specialised care.

The evolution of medical specialties has become imperative to address the expanding body of knowledge and the complexity of cases encountered in healthcare practice. While the field has witnessed remarkable growth, the rising incidence of respiratory illnesses underscores the need for dedicated training programs. In response to this, the development of subspecialties, such as Pulmonology, has become a critical component in ensuring comprehensive and specialised care for individuals facing acute and chronic respiratory challenges. 

Jehangir Hospital, Pune, recognizing the evolving landscape of respiratory health, has established a comprehensive unit with specialist doctors possessing skilled expertise in the treatment and cure of asthma and all respiratory diseases and it’s complications. The hospital’s dedicated team diligently aims to provide necessary care, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment for all chest related diseases, contributing to a seamless experience for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. This commitment aligns with the broader context of addressing respiratory challenges across all age groups and reflects the hospital’s dedication to advancing specialised care in the field of Pulmonology. 

Pulmonology Care at Jehangir Hospital:

Jehangir Hospital holds a prominent position in the field of Pulmonology, diligently addressing the escalating prevalence of respiratory challenges spanning various age groups. The hospital’s strategic focus on the intricacies of respiratory illnesses is evident in the establishment of a dedicated unit, featuring specialists with expertise in chest diseases, it’s  treatment and management. A proficient team of specialists conducts thorough diagnostic assessments and devises personalised treatment plans. Employing a multifaceted approach, the hospital conducts pulmonary function test (PFT), FOT, DLCO and spirometry chest imaging, blood tests and advanced investigations, procedures like EBUS guided biopsies, thoracoscopy guided pleural biopsy to accurately diagnose respiratory conditions while ruling out potential complicating factors. 

Pulmonologists at Jehangir Hospital tailor treatment plans to the unique severity of each case, employing a range of interventions such as rescue and long-term controller inhalers, leukotriene modifiers, biologics, immunotherapy and oral medicines. This commitment reflects the hospital’s dedication to providing advanced and personalised treatments.

Dr. Pankal Jain, Consultant Pulmonologist and Chest Physician at Jehangir Hospital says, “In addition to medication, lifestyle adjustments play a crucial role in effectively managing pulmonary diseases, particularly asthma and COPD. Mitigating exposure to common triggers such as smoke, pollen, dust mites, mold, and pet dander is essential. Adopting preventive measures against these asthma triggers can significantly contribute to symptom alleviation. Furthermore, individuals prone to frequent flare-ups might be advised to consider allergy testing and immunotherapy as part of their comprehensive treatment plan.”

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