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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 8: Winters are here, take a deep breath in this icy air, grab a cup of hot coffee and sit back on a comfy couch with a jolt. Winters are extraordinary as snow slips from the fingers of clouds, kissing the paws of the ground, creating a heaven on earth. Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, CEO of the Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital advises its patients to take good care in this season of the year.

Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai is one of the well-known hospitals of all time which has kept a good watch on the healthcare system of its patients. The hospital has built its name in the field of improving kidney health and has a strong troop of experts and professionals influencing the organization at a mega-scale. If you are seeking a kidney checkup or are at severe terms, and possess a serious disease, then you should connect with a specialist now. 

In winter time, patients with urologic disease find it tricky to bear colder temperatures. Chilly winds surround your body and many changes happen. On a psychological level, your body gets to witness some tweaks which prepare your mechanism to keep the internal organ healthy in its functioning. This usually begins with vasoconstrict. To reduce the amount of heat that is lost by the body, blood vessels near the skin surface compress and narrow down. This whole procedure keeps more warm blood floating around the key organs of the body. This is believed to be one of the main reasons why delicate fingers and bare toes get a little colder. Body shivers, which involves muscle contraction leading to increased blood pressure as metabolism speeds up, if core temperature drops it may result in hypothermia.

So how does it affect urologic health?

Experts at Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, say endless people tend to experience severe conditions in the colder months of the year which leads the body to respond to store heat in the lower temperature which is also activated to conserve heat and maintain homeostasis, leading to muscle contraction which could cause a negative impact to your urinary system. This constriction directly affects the pelvic region of your body. Which adds pressure on your bladder increasing the symptoms. Cold diuresis is a quick response which increases the blood pressure constricting the blood vessels. After which the same volume of blood is being pumped through your body through a much stingy corridor resulting in increased urine flow. You sweat less which, your kidneys are responsible for excess water filtration, causing the bladder to fill faster as compared to summers which can increase your risk of: 

Hyperactive Bladder: This condition appears when a person has a sudden urge to use the washroom. This can happen at all ages when an individual feels an uncontrollable urge to pee. It also disproportionately affects women. Cold weather may trigger symptoms of OAB (Overactive Bladder) but the main cause is still undetectable. Symptoms of this disease can trigger serious conditions to heal this one condition, as your body warms up, treatments are done reducing the symptoms of the body. 

Jeopardy of Urinary Tract Infection: It is a bacterial infection which can happen among the parts of the urinary system, comprising the kidney, bladder, ureters, urethra etc. UTI is common in both men and women and is caused by bacteria. UTI results in a range of symptoms which include pain, blazing sensation while urinating, steady peeing, hazy or fusty, and sometimes fever or chills. When conditions turn serious, UTI can lead to more serious complications such as kidney damage or sepsis. 

Although cold weather is not a direct cause of UTI, it can increase your risk of developing that problem. Cold weather makes an individual intake less amount of fluid which can decrease the number of times one uses the washroom. This can increase the amount of bacteria in the urinary tract and therefore increase the chances of developing an infection. When people hold their bladder for a long term it allows the bacteria to grow longer in that period. In winter we prefer wearing long clothes which create a warm and damp climate welcoming the steady growth of bacteria.

Possibilities to Safeguard Yourself:

It becomes frustrating to deal with these symptoms in the lives of patients who get to face winters in their respective towns. Below listed are some ways which can help you keep warm and live winter smoothly:

Wrap Yourself Up and Stay Cozy: Whenever you are stepping out make sure you cover yourself properly with all the necessary items from jackets to sweaters, caps, winter boots, scarf and gloves. More layers can result in sweating and trapped moisture, which is considered better than an alternative. Radical temperature can lead to heat loss in your body so it’s suggestible to put on warm gloves and cover your head if the temperature is nearly frigid. By doing so you can reduce the occurrence of cold diuresis, which can help in minimizing the risk of urologic symptoms. 

Be Careful Of Extreme Frosty Temperature: Some temperatures are ice-cold and you can’t even step out of your menage. If you want to avoid getting sick, avoid prolonged exposure. This will lower your risk of attracting urologic conditions. 

Stay Energised: Cold weather can dehydrate you straight away. Although it might seem difficult to drink the same quantity of water each day, doing so can reduce the symptoms of UTI and even help you with OAB symptoms. Appropriate hydration can regulate your body effectively while reducing the risk of other illnesses. If you’re not a devotee of drinking plain water then prefer herbal teas. 

Use Bathroom Frequently: If you’re traveling somewhere, don’t control yourself from using the bathroom. Instead, attempt to keep a traditional bathroom habit, take note of the significant changes and consult your doctor right away. 

Carry Out Healthy Habits: Although, winters are the season of gaining high calories by munching on food with a healthy diet, try to maintain healthy practices as much as possible. Eat a balanced diet which is plentiful of colorful fruits and vegetables, while maintaining your exercise routine. These are one of the essential factors in preventing your body from urologic conditions which would help in functioning your body smoothly. 

Quit Smoking: Smoking is one of the baddest habits one can ever have, so quit it as early as possible. It stops blood vessels, which is even more serious in a cold environment making a full urinary system which can disrupt bladder health, which eventually would lead to many long-term complications. Get in touch with the medical specialist. 


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